Framar Distributors Corporation is a Puerto Rico-based and run family company founded in 1992 by two siblings, Carmen Guerrero and Francisco Guerrero.

From the beginning, the philosophy behind the Framar project is based on only offering products that help the bodyshop deliver better work, more efficiently. That means that all the products we carry are tested by our own staff before ever being included in our product selection.

«If the product doesn't work as marketed, it's not sold.»

If the product doesn't work as marketed, it's not sold – this is the key competitive advantage that has earned us the trust of our customers. The businesses that purchase our products know that everything we sell has been previously tested to ensure their performance in the best workshops in Puerto Rico. In addition, they know that they can rely on the technical support of certificated professionals whose only job is to ensure that the workshops use the product properly. If a problem occurs, our team will be there to remedy it.

From 1992, helping your project or business be successful.

Circa 1992-1993 (Francisco Guerrero, Hijo (izq.) y Francisco Guerrero, Padre (der.)

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